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How to distinguish TPU soles
From: Dongguan Houjie Hefeng (Sanhe Sheng) Shoe Material Co., Ltd. Post date: 2019-06-22

Before we learn about TPU soles, let's first understand what TPU materials are.
TPU is called Thermoplastic Polyurethane. It is a linear macromolecule material produced by the reaction of diisocyanate, macromolecule polyol and chain extender. TPU material has good elasticity, toughness and cohesion. It is used in wear-resistant and flexibility-resistant parts, especially in low temperature situations, such as transmission combiner.

Friends who like to play football believe that TPU soles are not unfamiliar, but if you want to judge TPU soles with more certainty, you still need some tips.
TPU identification method:
1. High hardness - as long as you put the soles of different materials together and smash them on the floor, the TPU soles we are looking for are the loudest.
2. Good wear resistance - rubbing the soles of different materials onto the rough floor, remember to make them strong. If it is EVA, rubber or TPR soles, there will be obvious damage on the sole after friction, but TPU sole is as stable as Mount Tai.
3. High mechanical strength - you will find that TPU soles play a better role in more intense sports, so if it is not for intense sports, shoes will not generally be made of TPU soles, thus excluding the possibility of TPU materials;
4. Slip - The shoes made of TPU usually have certain site requirements. If you want to verify whether TPU only needs to wear shoes well and walk on the common ground, try to do a few false wrestling movements (be sure to pay attention to safety). If the sole can not be lifted and slipped, it should be the sole of TPU.
5. Anti-oxidation - Unlike ordinary sole materials, anti-oxidation is another big point of TPU type soles. If you find that the soles of your other shoes have yellowed and deformed after a period of time, it must not be TPU materials, on the contrary.